Identity Management Products

Whether your concern is credit card payment processing, online banking, or internal business applications, the ability to manage user identities and effectively control access to data and applications is a critical aspect of securing the enterprise. Rising use of web-based applications and mobile devices, organizations distributed across multiple locations, and ever-shifting policies and employee populations can pose significant challenges even for the most conscientious administrators. Beyond employees, businesses must manage identities of partners, suppliers, and customers who use their systems. Thales e-Security offers products that support strong user authentication and consistent management of user identities for both internal and external applications—including payments. Using these products, organizations can implement higher levels of assurance and at the same time streamline and standardize infrastructure and processes for identity management without adding complexity. 

  • safesign SafeSign

    • Centralizes and manages strong authentication for all applications, users, and access channels in a single platform
    • Supports a broad range of authentication methods and devices
    • Eases policy enforcement and auditing
    • Reduces effort required to add strong authentication to business applications and services

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  • EMV Personalization Preparation Process P3

    • Eases migration from magnetic stripe to smart cards
    • Maintains 100% in-house control over cryptographic keys
    • Supports all major card association applications
    • Independent of smart card platform

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  • payShield Cardholder Authentication for nShield payShield Cardholder Authentication for nShield

    • Software add-on enables EMV and 3-D Secure cardholder authentication on nShield HSMs
    • Integrates easily with applications for online banking, online payments, and Interactive Voice Recognition

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