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HSM Application Code Review

Encryption Application Code Review

Mitigate security risks in your custom code

When your security architecture incorporates custom code, you need to be sure this code does not inadvertently introduce security risks. But secure coding is a special skill; even your most capable software engineers may not be fully versed in best practices for writing secure code. HSM Application Code Review services from Thales ASG can enhance your confidence in the code your organization is deploying to secure its most sensitive information and business processes.

As security experts with a proven track record in developing, delivering, and supporting quality applications around Thales products, Thales ASG executes a structured code review that will help you maximize the effectiveness and value of your custom code. We will examine your code for possible security risks, train your developers on popular cryptographic libraries, and make recommendations for improvement.   

Encryption Application Code Review Benefits

  • Ensure that you add cryptography to your application code in ways that do not introduce security risks.
  • Enhance developers’ security awareness—and their ability to create secure code efficiently.
  • Maximize return on your investment in cryptographic solutions generally and in your custom applications.
  • Be confident that your coding practices—and the code you deploy—align with business requirements and industry best practices.
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