Packaged Solutions

Thales addresses certain specialized data protection challenges through pre-defined solutions that combine Thales products and professional services. When you choose one of these packaged solutions, you benefit from the experience of others who have faced challenges similar to yours. Thales Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) experts have drawn on their product knowledge and consulting experience to design optimized packages that can be adapted to your organization’s needs, helping you to reach your goal efficiently and effectively. 

  • BYOK Deployment Package for Azure Cloud Applications

    • Enable your company to use cloud services with confidence
    • Secure your sensitive data with keys that you fully control
    • Generate and manage your own keys with robust FIPS 140-2 certified hardware
    • Work with experts in cryptographic best practices

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  • Code Signing

    • Protect your company from risks of software tampering
    • Quickly implement a high-assurance code signing process
    • Simplify and streamline the process using workflow automation capabilities
    • Work with an expert in code signing best practices and standards of due care

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  • Data Protection Toolkit

    • Rapidly integrate encryption into new and legacy applications while expanding the capabilities of your development team
    • Implement best practices for use of high assurance security
    • Enhance scalability by deploying market-leading capabilities for automated key management
    • Reduce scope and simplify PCI DSS compliance

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