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Data Protection Toolkit

Data Protection Toolkit – a Solution Combining Thales e-Security Products & Services

Quickly add high assurance encryption to new and legacy applications

The Data Protection Toolkit from Thales e-Security simplifies integration of hardened encryption and key management into new and legacy applications, making it more straightforward for organizations to implement encryption at the application level. Combining a rapid-deployment framework, nShield hardware security modules (HSMs), and training and integration assistance from Thales ASG, the Data Protection Toolkit eliminates barriers to establishing high assurance encryption by substantially easing what has traditionally been a complex and time-consuming task. The Data Protection Toolkit is especially appropriate for organizations that need to deploy point-to-point encryption—to ease PCI DSS compliance, for example. Thales ASG experts work closely with your developers to analyze and review application code, integrate the Data Protection Toolkit with your code, and transfer knowledge of products and best practices. The Data Protection Toolkit, deployed in conjunction with Thales nShield HSMs, is tailored to your organization’s specific requirements, and typically includes:

  • The CipherTools Developer Toolkit, a set of fully documented Java and C# libraries for adding hardened encryption to Java and .NET applications. These include support for encryption key generation, separation of duties, and automated key rolling, among other capabilities.
  • Customization services to adapt libraries to your environment or project.
  • Training in the use of CipherTools libraries and advanced HSM features.
  • Application review to ensure that encryption best practices are used.
  • Tailored recommendations for implementing key management best practices.
  • Solution review against business and regulatory requirements including PCI DSS compliance.

Data Protection Toolkit Benefits

  • Meet rising requirements for data protection by rapidly integrating encryption into new and legacy applications.
  • Accelerate projects while expanding the capabilities of your development team.
  • Implement best practices for use of hardened security.
  • Enhance scalability by deploying market-leading capabilities for automated key management.
  • Reduce scope and simplify PCI DSS compliance.
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