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nShield Certified Solutions Developer

nShield Certified Solutions Developer (nCSD) Training

Learn how to integrate nShield HSMs with your applications

Recommended for:

Architects/developers integrating nShield HSMs with applications

Time commitment:

Two-day class


Certificate of attendance


Java or C++ programming experience

Recommended: nShield Certified Systems Engineer (nCSE) Training


Designed for architects and developers who will be integrating nShield HSMs with their applications, this two-day class provides the skills needed to design, build, test, deploy, and maintain HSM applications.

The class exposes developers to the broad capabilities of nShield HSMs, providing training in the full range of available application programming interfaces (APIs). Guided by experienced Thales ASG consultants who use these APIs in their client work, you will develop the ability to choose the best interface for a given project and gain practical experience writing and running code.

In addition to core APIs, the course covers use of the CodeSafe and CodeSafe SSL capabilities as well as the payShield Cardholder Authentication for nShield option. Other topics include load balancing, failover, the Security World key management architecture, and compliance considerations. With the wealth of practical knowledge gained in this class, your development team will be able to avoid common pitfalls, maximize security and application performance, plan and execute faster, more efficient deployments, and reduce overall costs.

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